HIV testing at BASIC NWFL, Inc is free and confidential through three methods:

OraSure — Saliva based swab test that takes approximately two weeks before the results are returned from the state laboratory.

OraQuick (home test kits) — Saliva based swab test with results in approximately 20 minutes.

Sure-Check (blood test) — Small finger prick test which takes a drop of blood with results within 15 minutes.

OraQuick HCV – (20 minute Rapid Testing) Hep C Testing, small finger prick and you’re done.

Individuals can choose the traditional testing method in which test results are available approximately two weeks after the test sample is taken; or they can choose a RAPID Testing option. With RAPID Testing, results are available within approximately 15-20 minutes.

Testing hours are:

  • Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    (appointments are available due to COVID-19 restrictions)

Know your HIV Status? Call us at (850) 785-1088

OraQuick is a registered trademark.