Linkage to Care

To facilitate early access to HIV care and support services, and to attain or maintain HIV viral suppression among people with HIV (PWH) in Area 2A, BASIC has implemented a comprehensive linkage to care initiative (COMMITTED-X), designed to guide clients towards the necessary care and support services. This aims to improve health outcomes and enable PWH to lead more productive lives. This program focuses on: 1) Overcoming barriers to care by linking new and reengaged PWH to HIV care and support services; 2) Providing adherence counseling/support to ensure PWH stayed engaged in care and remained adherent to their antiretroviral medications; and 3) Enhancing partnerships with both new and existing healthcare providers.

The linkage to care program plays a pivotal role in bridging our HIV Prevention/Testing with Treatment and Care services, along with other support services. Prompt access to care and avoid uninterrupted treatment services are crucial for PWH to remain virally suppressed, thereby sustaining their quality of life and preventing the transmission of HIV within the community. The Linkage Coordinator of the program has been instrumental in collaborating with Prevention Specialists and Case Managers, as well as partner providers, to ensure that all PWH receive the early treatment and other support services they need, stay engaged in these services, and ultimately achieve the optimal outcome of viral load suppression.

Furthermore, special attention is dedicated to newly diagnosed HIV clients and those re-engaging after a lapse in care. This is achieved through the implementation of the four key strategies – Positive Education, Positive Referral, Positive Connection, and Positive Adherence – along with the following associated activities:

  • Identifying and addressing barriers that hinder access to care and employing evidence-based interventions to link new and reengaging PWH to HIV care and other support services.
  • Providing adherence counseling/support to ensure PWH clients remain in care and adhere to their antiretroviral medications.
  • Strengthening and expanding our network of local community partners to refer newly diagnosed individuals for HIV services from and through BASIC.
  • Providing presentations/education on linkage and adherence support services offered by the proposed program, as well as other services available through BASIC, including the referral process.
  • Offering adherence counseling/support through various means, such as virtual or face-to-face meeting, text message (e.g., SMS, email, or voice), and during support group sessions, ensuring that all newly diagnosed and reengaged HIV positive clients attend medical appointments within 30 days of meeting with the program staff.
  • Coordinating with Case Managers to guide PWH clients in accessing necessary HIV prevention, care and, and other support services from our partner providers.
  • Consistently monitoring and routinely assessing treatment adherence and monitor viral suppression.
  • Identifying clients facing challenges in maintaining adherence and providing them with additional attention and support as needed.

Get Started

For more information regarding this program, please contact Sharron Joseph at 850-772-6812.


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