Housing and Financial Assistance

Through the HOPWA program, BASIC NWFL provides housing and utilities assistance, including payment of rent or mortgage, permanent housing placement and transitional housing, to HIV-positive individuals and their dependent family members.

This program is intended to be accessed for a limited period to assist individuals and their families through transitional periods when their HIV positivity causes financial difficulties. Thus, this is a “needs based” program, in which the client must demonstrate the level of benefits needed through verifiable documentation.

The individual meets with the case manager to determine how their HIV positivity has created a financial crisis that is threatening the client’s living situation and whether there is a need for housing financial assistance.

After a need is determined, the client completes an application for assistance that includes proof of income, bills requested to be paid, family budget, and a plan on how the client will work to prevent a repeat situation. The case manager then reviews these documents for completeness. Funding is based upon a client’s ranking of need and availability of funds. Funding for transitional housing is also available in emergencies to prevent homelessness.

Resource Identification

Resource Identification Staff at BASIC NWFL also help clients identify the best housing options based on their particular situations by providing them with housing information and resources. The staff can assist in the following ways:

  • Establish, coordinate, and develop materials that inform clients of available housing and resources.
  • Support and help the client to complete the permanent housing applications and eligibility screenings for tenancy or utilities.
  • Help to develop a housing service plan to establish stable, permanent housing.
  • Compile a Community Resource Booklet to assist clients in finding resources for their ongoing needs in Bay and surrounding counties.

Get Started

For additional information contact our case managers at 850-785-1088.


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