HIV/HCV Prevention and Testing

To reduce the incidence of new HIV and HCV infections, BASIC has launched the HEPP (HIV/HCV Educational Prevention Program). This initiative is focused on increasing awareness of the HIV/HCV epidemics, promoting various risk reduction strategies including PrEP, and expanding access to HIV/HCV testing, as well as care and treatment services.

The primary goals of this community-based program are to diagnose HIV and HCV at the earliest stage and ensure swift and effective linkage to treatment and care services. To achieve these objectives, we have adopted key strategies, including:

  1. Preventing new HIV and HCV infections;
  2. Implementing community and online outreach, with a focus on HIV/HCV prevention and risk reduction interventions, including education about PrEP and referral service;
  3. Promoting HIV testing in non-health care settings, as well as self-testing or home testing;
  4. Providing referrals and linkages to additional prevention services, such as PrEP intake, care and treatment services, as necessary.


Furthermore, the following core activities are carried out to fulfill these objectives:

  • Educating on HIV prevention/risk reduction interventions, including PrEP, via community outreach and messaging;
  • Conducting HCV prevention and risk reduction education through community outreach;
  • Offering targeted HIV testing services and ensuring linkage to care and treatment services as required;
  • Facilitating integrated HCV testing in non-medical settings;
  • Ensuring linkage to HCV care and treatment services when needed.

Get Started

For more information contact Our Program Specialists Cynthia Butler-Ranch at 850-772-6824 or Angela Robert at 850-772-6833.


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