About / Our Mission

Since 1989, we’ve helped thousands.

LOGOBASIC NWFL, Inc. is a volunteer governed, community based organization dedicated to aiding, assisting, and comforting those living with HIV/AIDS, their families and friends. BASIC NWFL, Inc. will strive to provide easy access and comprehensive care, treatment, and prevention to achieve optimal health outcomes for our clients, their families, and the public in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington counties.

BASIC NWFL is a United Way Charity with identification numbers of 7075(Bay), 1075(Calhoun), 6075(Gulf), 8075(Holmes), 4075(Jackson) and 5075(Washington). BASIC NWFL is also part of the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) and the identification number is 58826.

Our Services

  • Case Management — Individualized assistance in understanding medical and related needs and to formulate a plan of care
  • Patient Drug Assistance — Helps obtain medications at little/no cost through drug manufacturers’ compassion programs
  • Housing Opportunities — Housing and utility funding during transitional periods that often entail financial difficulty
  • Ryan White Part B — Financial assistance for HIV-related needs/services and costs related to HIV complications
  • Support Groups — For sharing feelings and ideas; and support dealing with medical and social issues
  • Education and Prevention Department — Community educational forums, community outreach, and interventions, especially for those most at risk
  • Testing — On-site, free and confidential HIV testing
  • Central Panhandle Aids Network (CPAN) — Oversees planning for HIV services, and prioritizes services for funding allocation under Ryan White Part B
  • RAP (Respect Awareness Prevention) — An HIV/ Substance Abuse prevention program to equip young adults with skills to make healthy life choices, funded by Gilead Sciences
  • FULLY COMMITTED X — A Linkage to Care program, with emphasis on medication adherence, funded by Bay Health Foundation
  • Bay Health Foundation — Provides additional funding to target adherence for FULLY COMMITTED program. Also, aids in the efforts to prevent spreading of HIV infection.
  • ARISE (Advocating to Reduce the Impacts that Stigma Ensues) – program goal is to increase access to HIV prevention and testing as well as care/treatment services in BASIC’s service area by addressing and reducing barriers related to stigma/discrimination. The program seeks  to increase awareness of HIV-related stigma/ discrimination and advocate for more supportive and nonjudgmental community regarding HIV/AIDS.
  • PrEP UP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) — A targeted program to prevent the contraction of the HIV infection when exposure has occurred, funded by Gilead Sciences
  • U Think? — A prevention program for people who are at risk, comprised of condom distribution, one-on-one sessions, community event sessions, RESPECT, VOICES/VOCES and Partnership for Health