Bay Health Foundation

The Bay Health Foundation has provided BASIC NWFL, Inc. additional funding for its FULLY COMMITTED-X Linkage to Care Program, placing emphasis on medication adherence. The FULLY COMMITTED-X program measures new and re-engaged clients CD4 and viral load every three to six months looking for an increase in CD4 and a decrease in viral load. Improving quality of life is the overall goal of the FULLY COMMITTED-X Program. The Bay Health Foundation funding enables the linkage staff to conduct provider trainings to educate other healthcare facilities on positive referrals for newly diagnosed, and/ or clients new to the area. The FULLY COMMITTED-X Program is active in the community eliminating barriers to care that any HIV/AIDS positive client may have. The FULLY COMMITTED-X Program collaborates with case management to provide a full range of services using the four key components: Positive Education, Positive Referral, Positive Connection, and Positive Adherence that implement the plan to decrease the number of new cases within our to Area 2A, six counties (Bay, Gulf, Jackson, Washington, Calhoun, and Holmes).