U Think? is a High-Impact Prevention Program for Heterosexual African American men and women, Men who have sex with men over the age of eighteen who are at risk of contracting HIV, as well as persons currently living with HIV.
U THINK has six components to it:

  • Condom Distribution
  • One on One sessions
  • Community event sessions, RESPECT, VOICES/VOCES, and Partnership for Health.

RESPECT is composed of two individualized sessions where a Prevention Specialist works one on one with the individuals who are at risk of contracting HIV in exploring how and why the individual’s behaviors puts them at risk. Once the individual has a better appreciation of their risk, the Specialist helps the individual to develop at least one risk reduction activity as part of their risk reduction plan. The Specialist assists the individual in understanding their current status by being tested for HIV, and then offers support and encouragement in practicing safer sex.

We will offer another program for high risk individuals called VOICES (Video Opportunities for Innovative Condom Education and Safer Sex). A video is watched and a discussion is held on safer sex options that specifically target the effective use of condoms. U THINK? was also funded to do condom distribution to individuals as well as to barber shops, hairdressers and various other businesses. U THINK? has an intervention for Positive individuals called Partnership for Health which deals with making positive choices.

The Prevention team is available to do community events as well as having those important one on one conversations with people from the six counties we serve.
U Think? Conducts recruitment, education, and outreach efforts in Bay, Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Gulf, and Washington Counties.

Get Started

For more information please contact Jermaine Daniels at (850)785-1088 ext. 125 or Derrick Robinson (850)785-1088 ext.139. Follow our UTHINK Page on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/people/U-THINK-Of-BASIC-NWFL/100068251280605/


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