U Think? is a High-Impact Prevention Program targeting heterosexual African American men and women, Men who have sex with men over the age of eighteen at risk for HIV, and individuals living with HIV. The program comprises six key components:

  • RESPECT intervention
  • Partnership for Health
  • Condom Distribution
  • One on One sessions
  • Community event sessions


RESPECT involves two individualized sessions where a Prevention Specialist collaborates with at-risk individuals to explore their behaviors and associated risks. Following this, the prevention specialist support the individual in creating a risk reduction plan and encourage HIV testing and safer sex practices.

Another initiative, VOICES (Video Opportunities for Innovative Condom Education and Safer Sex), educates high-risk individuals through videos and discussions on safer sex practices, emphasizing effective condom use.

Additionally, the Partnership for Health intervention focuses on empowering individuals living with HIV to make positive health decisions.

U THINK? also facilitates condom distribution to individuals and local providers, including barber shops, hair salons, and various businesses.

Our Prevention team is dedicated to conducting and participating in community events and engaging in meaningful one-on-one dialogues with residents of the six counties we serve. U Think? actively engages in recruitment, education, and outreach across Bay, Calhoun, Holmes, Jackson, Gulf, and Washington Counties.

Get Started

For more information please contact Jermaine Daniels at 850-772-6825 or Nicole Johnson at 850-772-6828. Also follow the UTHINK Program’s facebook page for the latest updates and program’s event activities! https://www.facebook.com/people/U-THINK-Of-BASIC-NWFL/100068251280605/


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