HEPP (HIV/HCV Educational Prevention Program)

HEPP is designed to reduce the number of new HIV and HCV infections by
increasing awareness of HIV/HCV epidemics, different risk reduction
interventions including PrEP, increasing access to HIV/HCV testing, care and
treatment services.
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This community-based program’s main objectives are to diagnose HIV and HCV
as early as possible and link or navigate to HIV and/or HCV treatment and care
services quickly and effectively, by adopting the following main program
strategies: 1) Preventing new HIV and HCV cases; 2) Implementing community
and/or online outreach and messaging on HIV/HCV prevention/risk reduction
interventions, including PrEP education and referral service; 2) Targeting HIV
testing in non-health care settings and HIV self-testing or home testing; and 3)
Providing referral and linkage to other prevention services including PrEP intake,
care and treatment services, as needed. Moreover, by using the above strategies,
the following main activities are implemented to accomplish the above

  • Provide education on HIV prevention/risk reduction interventions including PrEP through community outreach and messaging.
  • Provide education on HCV prevention/risk reduction education through
    community outreach.
  • Provide targeted HIV testing services and linkage to care and treatment
    services, as needed.
  • Provide integrated HCV testing in non-medical settings.
  • Provide linkage to HCV care and treatment services as needed.

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For more information contact Valerie Hutchison at 850-785-1088 ext. 138 or Our Program Specialists Cynthia Butler-Ranch at ext. 124 and Angella Robert at ext. 133.


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