Prevention – Education & Testing

With a main goal to reduce the rate of HIV transmission and prevent the additional spread of HIV, BASIC NWFL delivers numerous HIV prevention programs as well as integrated HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), and Substance Abuse prevention programs. These prevention programs reach over thousands general and target populations every year.

Major HIV/HCV educational/prevention and linkage program services include:

  • Community outreach education and prevention services
  • HIV prevention/education targeting those at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases
  • HCV testing and prevention targeting those at risk of contracting HCV
  • HIV testing (walk-in on site and outreach) 
  • HCV testing (walk-in on site and outreach) 
  • Navigation services for linkage to HIV and HCV care and treatment, medical adherence, and partner services
  • Linkage to essential support services for persons at-risk for acquiring HIV, including health benefits navigations, evidence-based risk reduction (including PrEP/PEP screening and referrals), and other behavioral health and social services for persons at risk for acquiring HIV.
  • Linkage to testing of other sexually transmissible diseases
  • Integrated HIV/HCV/ substance abuse education and testing


These program services are offered through different prevention, testing, and linkage programs, including U-THINK?, HEPP (HIV/HCV Educational Prevention Program), CHIP & CIP (Comprehensive High-Impact HIV Prevention & Care in the Panhandle), and linkage program FULLY COMMITTED-X.

All our education and prevention programs provide the latest information about HIV, HCV and other STDs. We present this information in a manner that our audience can both understand and relate to. By equipping people with information about HIV – covering transmission, symptoms, testing, and prevention. We also discuss related topics, including High Risk Behavior, Universal Precautions, and dispelling HIV Myths, etc.

Our education and prevention services include individual or one-on-one educations and community forums. As part of our community outreach efforts, we actively participate in and organize community events across the six-county service area. During these events, our HIV prevention specialists engage in one-on-one interactions, providing education to individuals. We create a confidential and personal space for questions and answers. Additionally, we encourage individuals to seek voluntary HIV testing to learn their status.

To raise community awareness and garner support, our prevention specialists conduct educational sessions or presentations—typically lasting one hour—for various groups. These groups include schools, churches, youth organizations, civic and community bodies, clubs, health care providers, and correctional institutions.

Get Started

For more information regarding education and testing please contact Jermaine Daniels at 850-772-6825.


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