“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and to impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.”
– Woodrow Wilson

BASIC NWFL, Inc. is a non profit organization that continuously strives to meet the needs of its clients. Sometimes we need the help of volunteers to enable the agency to stretch its resources to help more persons in the community. If you would like to lend a hand and contribute to our great cause, please read below.


1. Read our job description of a volunteer
2. Download our application
3. Fax the completed application to 850-785-8111 or
4. Mail the completed application to P.O. Box 805, Panama City, Florida 32402 or
5. Email the application to basicinc6@comcast.net or
6. Bring it to the BASIC office at 432 Magnolia Avenue in Panama City


POSITION #1: Social Worker – an FSU Field Placement program

Download the informational packet.

Our application may be obtained from Florida State University BY CLICKING HERE or our main office. Contact us for more information. You may fax, mail, email, or deliver the application in person to our offices.

In the prevention department, a social worker is primarily a teacher, motivator, and trainer. The worker’s functions are to find and recruit persons at high risk for contracting HIV and/or substance users. They will provide proper education and training which in turn effects a behavior change so that a person can avoid becoming infected. Additionally, the prevention social worker assesses the clients lifestyle needs and attempts to intervene through effective referral and linkage to another community resource, and if possible, by direct intervention through counseling, support and other appropriate means. A social worker assigned to the case management department, a worker’s responsibilities are similar since the worker must assess needs and fin ways to meet client needs. As a social worker, they will be deeply involved in the referral and linkage aspects, by providing support especially in terms of adherence to medications and other medical regimes which are essential to the client’s progress. A social worker at BASIC, therefore, is an educator, motivator with excellent interactive personal skills. The social worker must be able to effectively interact with persons of all ages, be culturally sensitive, and be able to effectively intervene in a wide variety of crisis, or at least emotionally charged situations.


POSITION #2: Volunteer or Intern Administrative Assistant

REPORTS TO: Director of Client Services


This is a volunteer/intern position, with administrative/support responsibilities within multiple programs within BASIC, which may vary over time. Fundamentally, however, these responsibilities are categorized as program reception, clerical, IT, including data input and analysis; and marketing. Under the generic category of program reception, this position may act as general receptionist in the front office and answer all phone calls to the agency. In this capacity, this person will be primarily responsible for ensuring that all persons entering the agency are received in a culturally appropriate manner, directed to the persons with whom he/she may have an appointment, and is secured while in the building. Some typing, filing, and other general administrative duties fall within this category, as well, and these duties may vary as they are supportive of prevention services, direct care services, evaluation and /or fiscal. Under the category, IT, this person may be asked to create various data bases and extrapolate reports as needed. At times, this may require data input and guided analysis. As one example, this person will maintain the agency donor data base, updating as necessary. This person will also keep the agency website up to date with all current information. Under public relations, this persons may be asked to assist in the continuous updating of all agency materials, including brochures, fliers, etc. He/she will assist with the development and distribution of news releases, and other activities related to increasing the agency’s visibility within the community.

(may include, but not limited to the following)

1. Accurately completes all assigned duties in the time allotted.
2. Communicates effectively with individuals in a culturally appropriate manner.
3. Effectively relates to the target population, maintain confidentiality and respects privacy.
4. Maintains an adequate filing system of all client records.
5. Maintains/creates a variety of data bases, and generates reports as needed.
6. Ensures appropriate storage and/or disposal of individualized data as directed.
7. Assists in the development of agency brochures, news releases, and other items related to increasing agency visibility within the community.
8. Maintains the agency web site.
9. Assists in the preparation of meeting materials for the Board of Directors, CPAN and other related groups.
10. Assists the Fiscal Manager in filing, and related duties.
11. Carries out other duties as directed.

(may include, but not limited to the following)

– Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision.
– Ability to be a self-starter.
– Ability to organize data and other types of information.
– Ability to effectively communicate with individuals in a culturally appropriate manner.
– Ability to efficiently word process and enter data, with particular attention to Excel Spread sheets.
– Ability to generate computer base reports from Excel Spread sheets
– Ability to maintain and protect client confidentiality.
– Ability to respect and accommodate client privacy.
– Ability to create graphics; prepare brochures, ads, etc.

Our application may be downloaded BY CLICKING HERE. You may fax, mail, email, or deliver the application in person to our offices.


POSITION #3: Volunteer



We’re seeking volunteers to help promote pride in Bay County by selling stickers.


PERTY BAY! The concept of this is to promote pride as a Bay County resident (similar to the 30A stickers). We’re looking for businesses, individuals and others, that want to help sell stickers. Window stickers cost $2.00 each All proceeds benefit BASIC NWFL, Inc. (a local non-profit community based organization).

The design and concept came from BASIC Board of Directors Chairman, Steve Bornhoft.