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Project AIDS Care (PAC)

PAC is a “Medicaid Waiver program” which permits payment for a unique set of home and state community based services in addition to the normal State Medicaid Plan medical services. These varied services are intended to allow persons with AIDS to remain in the comfort of their homes and receives the necessary medical and social support which they require. BASIC is a case management provider of PAC services. The client’s physician makes the recommendation to access the program through a physician referral form. Then, the case manager assists the client with the application process with the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Elder Affairs who must approve the applicant. Once the client is approved into the waiver program, the case manager and the client will complete an assessment of client needs. PAC services are then authorized by the case manager and provided through approved PAC providers in the community. Available services depend on the ability of BASIC to find a Medicaid vendor in the area willing to provide the service at the Medicaid reimbursement rate. In our communities, only home delivered meals are available under PAC in addition to the case management services.

Who qualifies for PAC? To be eligible for PAC, a client must be:

• Medicaid Eligible
• Diagnosed with AIDS
• Disabled
• At risk of hospitalization
• In need of services
• Able to be maintained safely in the home


For Information please call 850-785-1088.